Who can purchase images from PRESSCOV? What are license types available?

PRESSCOV primarily offers our services to news agencies, newspapers, broadcasters, institutions, businesses, and governments (B2B only). We do not sell images to individual consumers.

We offer three license types to suit your needs:

  1. Editorial/Publishing: For use in newspapers, magazines, and online news portals
  2. TV, Film & Video Programs: For use in television programs, films, and video portals
  3. Advertising – Print, TV & Display: For all advertising-related uses

Long-term customers may be eligible for special pricing and discounts on existing products.

To purchase images from PRESSCOV, contact us via email at media@presscov.com with the photo IDs of the pictures you wish to purchase.

The photo IDs can be found in the image or the image description. We will then send you the requested pictures in JPG format. You can also use our online form to place your order.

There is no minimum order requirement – you can order just one image. In addition, we do not require information about the intended duration or circulation of the pictures.

Once you have paid the agreed-upon fee, you may use the images unlimitedly in any location worldwide. We will provide you with the highest possible image resolution.